Membership includes:

Producer Members
Public and private companies and farmer-owned cooperatives.

Associate Members
Companies that provide products and services to the industry.

Supporting Members
Non-profit organizations, academia, and government entities.

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The RFA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of a representative from each producer member. The Board meets several times a year to set Association policy. The RFA represents the majority of U.S. ethanol producers.

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What members are saying:

“There are so many ways that we grow value out of RFA.  A large part of it obviously is representation among Capitol Hill and legislators there.  But there is so much technical knowledge that comes out of the technical committees and the staff at RFA that we can put to use immediately at the plant level.”

— Chuck Woodside, General Manager, KAAPA Ethanol, LLC and past RFA Chairman

RFA has repeatedly impressed us over the years.  RFA’s technical expertise is second to none.  We are working hard in Wisconsin to provide the first E15 retail pump and have relied heavily on RFA’s staff.  RFA cares about our company and our future. We all need to work together to move our ethanol industry forward.”

— Erik Huschitt, General Manager, Badger State Ethanol 

“When I think of the RFA and I think about the services that they provide, the first thing that comes to mind is their technical expertise.  They have a technical group that is second to none.  They are very well versed in the nuances that affect ethanol policy and regulation.  We know that we can call on the ethanol people to help us with the understanding of federal rules and they have an understanding of regional and state-based issues as well.  Because these are ever moving and changing items that we have to deal with, it's important to stay up to speed.”

— Mike Jerke, President, Guardian Energy

“RFA does it all for the industry. It does the technology and serves the members with our input and our participation. It does what the industry needs in Washington, it does what it needs in the Midwest, it even does it in Kentucky.  Every chance I get I tell other ethanol plants that are not in RFA to join.  I wholeheartedly believe in what RFA does and we need everyone to participate."

— Mick Henderson, General Manager, Commonwealth-Agri Energy, LLC and RFA Vice Chairman

Politics aside, our industry needs a credible advocate to work with the government and the private sector to help facilitate the long term inclusion of ethanol in America’s transportation fuel portfolio. Husker Ag feels that the Renewable Fuels Association is that advocate.”

— Seth Harder, General Manager, Husker Ag, LLC

“I think if there are any plants out there that are trying to make a decision as to what ethanol organization they should be a part of, I would strongly encourage that it be the RFA.  The organization has a long-term presence.  It has top notch staff.  It is completely transparent as to what the goals and the activities of the organization are.  And also, there’s the opportunity for any plant to have a voice and certainly have a vote at any of the meetings.”

— Charlie Wilson, President, Trenton Agri Products, LLC

As members of the RFA, we look forward to working with industry leaders as we address important issues and continue to expand the marketplace for new ethanol-blended fuel opportunities as well as new technologies."

— Eric McAfee, Chairman and CEO, Aemetis, Inc.

E Energy Adams is thrilled to join the RFA with the goal of shaping our industry and guiding our nation towards energy independence."

— Carl Sitzmann, CEO, E Energy Adams, LLC