Fleetwing Opens Publicly Accessible E85 Station in Central Florida

June 07, 2010

Fleetwing Opens Publicly Accessible E85 Station in Central Florida

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) and Protec Fuel are proud to announce the availability of E85 for the general public in Lakeland, FL at the Fleetwing retail station.

The Fleetwing fueling station offering E85 is located at 742 South Combee Road and is the second E85 station in Lakeland, but the first open to the public. While this station will cater to the general public, it will also accept major fleet cards and support the various government fleets in utilizing alternative fuel. Lakeland is strategically located near Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida and is a convenient stopping point for traffic going to and from Orlando. This station utilized Protec Fuel’s turnkey E85 fuel program which included the conversion process to an E85 fueling pump, E85 supply and promotional marketing. Protec’s fuel supply and marketing program for Fleetwing is built around a strong strategic partnership with the Renewable Fuels Association, General Motors, Testing LLC and many other reputable companies. Fleetwing also supplies a private fleet E85 fueling station in Lakeland.

“Fleetwing is proud to bring E85 to the underserved central Florida market. Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando and the many cities in between have a large number of flex fuel vehicles that now have a place to fill up with E85. This is about listening to our customers and giving them what they want – a choice in how they fuel their vehicles,” said Fleetwing President David Ricketts. Todd Garner, Managing Partner of Protec, said, “Protec is proud to partner with Fleetwing to bring domestically produced cleaner fuels to the public. Soon, central Florida drivers will be able to use E85 that is produced in Florida thus, supporting their own economy, environment and greater petroleum independence.”

There are more than 8 million flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) on America’s roadways today, with over 2,300 fueling stations offering blends of E85. Efforts to install more of these types of fueling stations are underway with a goal to at least triple the availability of these blends within the next few years.

“Florida alone has added several new E85 fueling stations installed within the past two months,” said RFA Market Development Director, Robert White. “Increasing the availability of E85 is an important and effective way to educate America’s drivers about the use of alternative fuels.”

To help locate the Fleetwing station, the RFA has developed a fuel locator application for Garmin and TomTom GPS devices. This application locates the closest or most convenient E85 fueling station to the driver using the current location or final destination. In a few simple steps, FFV owners can download this application from their computer directly to their GPS device here.

E85 is an ethanol blended gasoline made up of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. This fuel is to be used in Flex-Fuel Vehicles only as they have been designed to operate on any level of ethanol blended gasoline. Owners should consult their owner’s manual to see if their vehicle is E85-compatable.

About the RFA: Since 1981, the RFA has led the fight on behalf of American ethanol producers to open markets and create sound public policies allowing for the expanding production and use of fuel ethanol. Representing the majority of American ethanol production, the RFA believes sound analysis, credible statistics, an understanding of the industry rooted in history, and a willingness to work with other groups is the key to effective advocacy.

About Protec Fuel: Protec Fuel is a fuel distribution and management company based in Boca Raton, Florida with its alternative fuel division specializing in turnkey ethanol programs for retailers, fleets and fuel distributors throughout the United States. Turnkey services include: physical ethanol supply and blending programs; financial risk management programs; E85 strategic site selection; station design; equipment supply; new station installation; conversions of existing stations; RINS management; government grant funding assistance and; support with station sales and marketing. Protec also provides marketing services for advanced and cellulosic ethanol producers in addition to a full range of conventional energy risk management programs. Protec’s strategy is to build out E85 infrastructure throughout the United States in order to develop the corresponding long-term demand for regionalized advanced and cellulosic biofuel production. Protec currently supplies, either directly or through distribution partners, approximately 250 E85 stations. Please visit www.protecfuel.com to learn more.

About Fleetwing: Fleetwing Corporation is a multi-branded petroleum jobber. Fleetwing distributes petroleum products to the citrus, phosphate and road construction industries, as well as fleet owners, excavators and retail automotive outlets throughout the state of Florida. Fleetwing Corporation offers their complete line of products directly to the general public at its headquarters in Lakeland, Florida. The company markets Chevron branded petroleum products through their convenience stores and services stations. These stations are either company owned and operated, or lease operated stations.