New USDA Report Offers Fresh Insights into Ethanol and Co-products Production

March 10, 2015

NASS published a report last month that offers comprehensive surveyed data on co-product output from the ethanol industry. The survey from USDA’s statistical arm has been a big success and is already providing badly needed information to help enhance the public’s understanding of our industry.

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A Reality Check on API’s “RFS Reality Gap” Report

September 19, 2013

It’s time for a reality check. RFA's Geoff Cooper offers rebuttals to API’s far-fetched arguments from its recently-released report, tells the “rest of the story” that was conveniently omitted from the report’s misleading charts, and underscores the importance of staying the course with the RFS.

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Bob Dinneen to WSJ: Stop Spreading Big Oil’s Misinformation. RINs are Free!

July 24, 2013

RFA President and CEO Bob Dinneen submitted the following letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal in response to a recent column that suggests RINs are behind spiking gas prices.

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U.S. Ethanol Exports Firm in May; Distillers Grains Exports Hit 1-Year High

July 08, 2013

U.S. ethanol exports totaled 40.8 million gallons (mg) in May, nearly identical to April’s total of 40.9 mg, according to recently released government data.

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U.S. Ethanol Exports Tumble in April; Imports Lowest in 11 Months

June 04, 2013

U.S. ethanol exports totaled 40.9 million gallons (mg) in April, down 30% from March and the lowest monthly total since November 2012. Fuel ethanol imports totaled just 17.1 mg.

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WASDE Report

December 11, 2012

Today’s WASDE report was a non-event as far as the corn balance sheet. However, there were some important surprises on the global side. Total global grain supplies were raised slightly to 2705.6 MMT, the second-largest on record.

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USDA Projects Record Corn Crop in 2012 - What Does it Mean for Ethanol?

May 10, 2012

This morning, USDA released its first estimate of the 2012 corn crop--and it is a big one. According to today’s USDA projections, record U.S. corn production of 14.79 billion bushels is expected in 2012. This should put an end to the phony “food vs. fuel” campaign, but we know better—even the most stubborn facts haven’t stopped ethanol’s critics from continuing to pursue their respective political agendas in the past.

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The 2012 Crystal Ball

January 03, 2012

A new year ushers in a new era for ethanol in the U.S. New markets domestically and internationally are opening up just as new technologies for ethanol production begin commercial construction at new biorefineries around the country. What 2012 will ultimately hold for American ethanol production remains to be seen, but that shouldn’t stop us from positing some guesses.

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A Fresh Look at Corn Stocks, Co-products, and Ethanol Production

September 30, 2011

According to the USDA quarterly grain stocks report released this morning, end stocks of corn for the 2010/2011 marketing year stand at 1.13 billion bushels. That is nearly 200 million bushels higher than many experts were predicting and an indication that the market is working to ensure sufficient supplies of corn remain available for all uses.

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From farm to biorefinery: Ethanol production efficiency improves

August 18, 2011

In the second part of RFA’s series on the improving efficiencies of corn ethanol production, the focus will be specifically on input use—both on the farm and at the biorefinery.

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More Ethanol, Fewer Inputs, Increasing Benefits: More corn on fewer acres, less water

August 09, 2011

Over the past 30 years, and in particular in the past decade, ethanol production has quietly become increasingly efficient. From improvements in corn production to greater efficiencies at ethanol biorefineries, America’s leading renewable fuel is providing more with less.

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RFA to President Obama: Take pride in U.S. ethanol industry

July 08, 2011

In a letter sent to President Obama today, the Renewable Fuels Association urged the President to take pride in the U.S. ethanol industry, as they detailed the dynamic state of the industry. The letter was prompted by remarks the President made during his Twitter town hall event earlier this week, in which the President seemed to question the commitment of ethanol producers and advocates to innovation.

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Ethanol Export Boom Continues; USDA Trims Corn Acre Estimate

June 09, 2011

Today was a busy day for ethanol and grain market data junkies. First, USDA released its June supply-demand estimates, which showed a downward revision to 2011 planted and harvested corn acres. Second, government data on April exports of ethanol and distillers grains was released, showing another record month of ethanol exports and huge shipments to Brazil.

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A Fresh Look at Ethanol’s Impact on Oil Markets: Weakening WTI, Waning Imports, and WikiLeaks

June 01, 2011

Whether it’s the surprising price spread between WTI and Brent crude prices, declining oil imports, lower gasoline prices at the pump, or the frayed nerves of a Saudi oil minister, U.S. ethanol is clearly having a meaningful impact on U.S. and global oil supplies, demand, and prices.

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U.S. Biofuels Industry Leaders Urge Congress to Reject Repeal of RFS

May 18, 2011

In a letter sent to Congress yesterday, leading advocates of the U.S. biofuels industry urged the members to reject attempts to reduce, waive or eliminate the requirements of the RFS. This policy is essential to securing the capital investments needed to bring new biofuels technologies to commercialization.

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Ethanol is helping form the backbone of a new rural economy

April 26, 2011

America's commitment to ethanol and renewable fuels has been a unparalleled success for rural America. It has created jobs, spurred economic activity, and even given some rural residents a reason and the opportunity to move back home. Yet, critics of ethanol would lead you to believe that ethanol is the scourage of rural America. A new paper from an anti-ethanol group, Food and Water Watch, goes so far as to compare domestic ethanol production to the illegal methamphetamine plague impacting rural areas. Like much of the rhetoric from those opposing ethanol, this paper is not based on the facts and takes poetic license to irresponsible levels.

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RFA Analysis of USDA WASDE Report

April 08, 2011

This morning, the USDA release their April WASDE report, which will likely ease some of the tension in the world corn market, as the report showed that the corn supply and carry-out are generally expected to be larger than most market participants were expecting. The following is the RFA's analysis of the report.

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Understanding the 2011 Planting Outlook, Ethanol and Food Pricing

March 31, 2011

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its annual Prospective Plantings report this morning, showing U.S. farmers intend to plant 92.2 million acres of corn, 76.6 million acres of soybeans and 58 million acres of wheat this year. The following is an analysis of the USDA Prospective Plantings report from Renewable Fuels Association Vice President of Research and Analysis Geoff Cooper.

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Charges and Changing - Helping Feed and Fuel the World

March 25, 2011

This week, the chairman of Nestlé, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, attacked ethanol as an “immoral” policy. It is a charge backed by lots of emotion, but very little fact. Here I present the facts about ethanol, without emotion or misplaced sanctimony.

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A Small Slice from an Extra Large (And Getting Larger) Pizza

March 08, 2011

In an attempt to inject some sanity and facts into the recently rekindled “food versus fuel” fervor, RFA has repeatedly highlighted the fact that in 2010/11, the U.S. ethanol industry will use just 3 percent of the global grain supply on a net basis. It just isn’t reasonable to suggest that using such a small slice of the global grain supply could be solely responsible for the recent surge in food prices—especially when the U.S. industry uses nary a bushel of food grains like rice or wheat. Nevertheless, some opponents of biofuels have challenged the legitimacy of our 3 percent figure. But we have nothing to hide. It’s really a straightforward calculation, replicable by anyone with access to USDA data, a pencil and the back of an envelope.

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