University of Wisconsin Study Based on Shaky Foundation of Faulty Data and Conclusions

April 07, 2015

There is no empirical evidence to support the argument of a University of Wisconsin study, which claims U.S. cropland has expanded since 2008. USDA data clearly show that the area planted to field crops was more than 1 million acres smaller in 2012 than in 2008.

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Debunking Searchinger’s Doomsday Theories…Again

January 29, 2015

A new paper by Timothy Searchinger simply repeats the same Malthusian themes and absurd arguments he first made in 2008 and 2009.

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Government and University Experts Blast EWG Corn Ethanol Report

June 12, 2014

Lifecycle analysis experts and economists issued a 13-page response today to the Environmental Working Group’s May report titled “Ethanol’s Broken Promise.”

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Ag Census Data Shows EWG is Full of Hot Air

June 02, 2014

Contrary to EWG's recently-released study, peer-reviewed studies by analysts clearly show first-generation ethanol significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions relative to gasoline.

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Scientists Urge CARB to Revisit LCFS Land Use Change Penalties

March 10, 2014

CARB must do the right thing and follow the advice of the scientific community.

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What ILUC? Amazon Deforestation Rates Hit Lowest Point Since at Least 1988

May 28, 2013

Geoff Cooper responds to US ethanol causing "indirect land use change" and the continuous annual reduction in deforestation rates resulting in the lowest point since 1988.

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Response to “Recent Land Use Change in the Western Corn Belt Threatens Grasslands and Wetlands”

February 20, 2013

The study's findings stand in stark contrast to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) acreage data, which show increased corn and soybean acres in the region have occurred via crop switching, not cropland expansion.

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Understanding California Court Decision and the LCFS

January 04, 2012

A federal court in California has ruled that the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard violates the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. This is a significant development for all U.S. ethanol producers. In the following post, the RFA explains the ruling and why it truly matters.

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The 2012 Crystal Ball

January 03, 2012

A new year ushers in a new era for ethanol in the U.S. New markets domestically and internationally are opening up just as new technologies for ethanol production begin commercial construction at new biorefineries around the country. What 2012 will ultimately hold for American ethanol production remains to be seen, but that shouldn’t stop us from positing some guesses.

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Ethanol growth not leading to cropland expansion, new USDA report shows

December 21, 2011

An in-depth analysis of U.S. land use patterns released today by the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows total cropland decreased by 34 million acres from 2002 to 2007, the lowest level since USDA began collecting this data 1945. The RFA said the new report is one more addition to the mounting body of evidence that proves increased ethanol production has not resulted in expansion of total U.S. cropland or a decline in grassland and forest.

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More Ethanol, Fewer Inputs, Increasing Benefits: More corn on fewer acres, less water

August 09, 2011

Over the past 30 years, and in particular in the past decade, ethanol production has quietly become increasingly efficient. From improvements in corn production to greater efficiencies at ethanol biorefineries, America’s leading renewable fuel is providing more with less.

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Ethanol Export Boom Continues; USDA Trims Corn Acre Estimate

June 09, 2011

Today was a busy day for ethanol and grain market data junkies. First, USDA released its June supply-demand estimates, which showed a downward revision to 2011 planted and harvested corn acres. Second, government data on April exports of ethanol and distillers grains was released, showing another record month of ethanol exports and huge shipments to Brazil.

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FAO and GBEP: Biofuels an Opportunity - Not a Threat - for Developing Nations

May 25, 2011

Since its very inception, the global biofuels industry has unfairly been portrayed by some ardent detractors as a sector that creates an unavoidable “food vs. fuel” choice. Luddites and Malthusians have suggested that crop-based biofuels simply can’t provide significant volumes of energy for transportation without starving the world’s poor. Unfortunately, these extreme views of biofuels have sometimes been fortified by alarmist rhetoric and doomsday sound bites from leaders of major international organizations, quasi-governmental groups, and NGOs. Against this backdrop, it was quite refreshing to see two reports in the last week that highlight the extraordinary potential of biofuels to serve as agents of rural development and enhancers of food security in developing nations.

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Understanding the 2011 Planting Outlook, Ethanol and Food Pricing

March 31, 2011

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its annual Prospective Plantings report this morning, showing U.S. farmers intend to plant 92.2 million acres of corn, 76.6 million acres of soybeans and 58 million acres of wheat this year. The following is an analysis of the USDA Prospective Plantings report from Renewable Fuels Association Vice President of Research and Analysis Geoff Cooper.

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2011 State of the Industry Address

February 21, 2011

This morning at the 16th Annunal National Ethanol Conference, I will be giving the State of the Industry Address, dicussing the successes the ethanol industry has had and challenges that are in front of us.

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What USDA WASDE Report Really Means for Ethanol, Corn

February 09, 2011

The USDA has released its February estimates of U.S. and global grain supplies. Some revisions, all of which were expected, slightly reduce USDA's estimates of leftover corn at the end of the marketing year. Let the wild claims and "alarm bells" ring from ethanol's detractors begin.

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If a Tree Doesn’t Fall in the Forest, Will ENGOs and Regulators Notice?

December 01, 2010

Environmental lawyer Timothy Searchinger’s ILUC hypothesis, already reeling, took another crippling blow today when Brazil President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva announced that deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has fallen to its lowest rate since the government began collecting data in 1988. Data from the Brazilian government clearly show that Amazon deforestation rates in Brazil have been plunging for the last seven years, and the 2010 rate is less than one-quarter of the rate experienced in 2004 when deforestation reached more than 10,700 square miles. All of this has occurred while U.S. biofuels production has increased dramatically (nearly 300% since 2004), proving once again that there is no correlation between U.S. ethanol output and deforestation. Will the ENGOs and regulators notice?

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RFA President Speaks at Cellulosic Biofuels Summit

November 16, 2010

Today I will be speaking at the Cellulosic Biofuels & Biorefineries Summit this morning in Washington, DC. I plan to talk about key issues within the cellulosic community including the U.S.Department of Agriculture's Loan Guarantee program, investment into cellulosic ethanol and indirect land use and carbon accounting. Read my full remarks by clicking the link above.

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Making Mountains Out of Molehills

November 08, 2010

Last week, NRDC’s Nathanael Greene noted my frustration with his organization’s hasty dismissal of new Department of Energy research that shows “…minimal to zero indirect land use change was induced by use of corn for ethanol over the last decade.” NRDC immediately attempted to trash the DOE work, which was conducted by seasoned scientists at the agency’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Nathanael went so far as to suggest it “tells us nothing about ILUC.” It’s interesting that NRDC could reach such a conclusion without actually ever having seen the study (it hasn’t been published yet), without ever having laid eyes on the raw data underlying the analysis, or without ever having experimented with the methodology that ORNL used.

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ILUC: Real World Results Vs. Economic Theory

October 20, 2010

Since a polemic paper from environmental attorney Tim Searchinger was released in February 2008, a false notion that American ethanol production from grain was leading to Brazilian rainforest destruction has permeated discussions around ethanol's environmental contributions. Now, a team of researchers from the Department of Energy have analyzed real world data from the period of greatest American ethanol expansion and found this notion to be without merit.

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