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Ron Miller

Ron Miller

Ron Miller is Managing Director and co-founder of Prisma Advisors, LLC. Prior to forming Prisma, Ron was President and Chief Executive Officer of Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings, Inc., a Fortune 1000 producer of biofuels and food products from agricultural feedstocks which he helped start in 1981. Ron has over four decades experience in the energy industry, the last thirty years in alternative energy and biofuels. He possesses vast experience in sales, marketing, logistics, risk management, finance, investor relations, capital markets, business development, governmental affairs, environmental protection, leadership development, manufacturing operations, strategy development and implementation, and general management at the highest level.

Blog Posts by Ron Miller

Big Oil’s Stolen 35 Minutes

July 26, 2012

A recent article entitled "Clean Green Scam" highlighted the case of Rodney Hailey whose company sold approximately $9 million worth of fraudulent biodiesel credits to the oil industry. They were also fined by the EPA for not conducting proper due diligence to make sure the credits were legit. This cost Big Oil another $40 million. The article went on to say, "Refiners have been ripped off to the tune of $200 million so far by crooks and government fines..." due to the Renewable Fuels Standard. Wow, that is a big number - unless of course you put it into context.

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Is Oil Worth a Trillion Dollar Subsidy?

June 27, 2012

In these difficult economic times, a recurring question is who should get help and who should stand on their own. With people it's the middle class vs. the 1%. In the corporate world, the question is whose government support should be cut. Recent failures by Solyndra and others, make "green energy" subsidies a favored target. But what about Big Oil? Isn't it time to address their subsidies?

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The Path to a Clean, Renewable and Sustainable Future

February 28, 2011

In 2007, Congress and President Bush codified the Renewable Fuels Standard requiring 36 billion gallons of renewable fuels in our motor fuels by 2022. Now President Obama has laid down a gauntlet reminiscent of the 1960's moon race by calling for a near universal use of renewable power within twenty-five years. Whether America will achieve a clean, sustainable and independent energy future will depend on whether we as a nation can coalesce around this achievable goal.

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