Responding to Ethanol Emergencies - Are you Prepared?

June 28, 2012

Ethanol production, transportation, and use are increasing year after year. As this domestically grown fuel accounts for 10% of our country’s fuel supply, many first responders will be tasked with preparing for potential ethanol-related incidents for the first time. It is important that those responsible for safety in their communities are well-prepared and trained for responding to ethanol-related emergencies.

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Is Oil Worth a Trillion Dollar Subsidy?

June 27, 2012

In these difficult economic times, a recurring question is who should get help and who should stand on their own. With people it's the middle class vs. the 1%. In the corporate world, the question is whose government support should be cut. Recent failures by Solyndra and others, make "green energy" subsidies a favored target. But what about Big Oil? Isn't it time to address their subsidies?

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April Ethanol, Distiller Grains Exports Down from March

June 08, 2012

U.S. ethanol exports (denatured and undenatured, non-beverage) totaled 74.4 million gallons (mg) in April. At 54.8 mg, denatured ethanol for fuel use accounted for the majority of April exports. Undenatured ethanol for fuel use totaled 13.3 mg, while denatured ethanol for non-fuel use was reported at 6.0 mg. Exports of undenatured ethanol for non-fuel tallied 342,000 gallons.

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